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Internet & Social Media 1.0


The internet has become the information hub, where people spend a majority of their time learning, playing and communicating with others globally. Sometimes its is easy to lose sight of just how staggering the numbers are of people collaborating, researching, and interacting on the web. Via Social Network community’s people have not only physical


Social Media


Yesterday I saw the film Social Media about the founder of (The)Facebook.

The film was about the live of Mark Zuckerberg. From first to last moment it was for me very interesting how things developed.

Some items I want to highlight are:

Be the first one

If you have any good idea it is very important to be the first one. If you are the first one you will gain a major advantage. If the consumers are used to something it is very difficult to get them step over to an another similar service. Especially if they are satisfied.