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Evening of the Cooperative Rabobank Amsterdam

Last week on Tuesday, July 5, 2011, I attended the “Evening of the cooperative” at the Music Gebouw aan 't IJ in Amsterdam. The program started at 19.30 hrs. I was just in time and rushed into the great hall 1. I saw that the program had just started. A young entrepreneur Danny Mekic was the host for the evening.

YES!Delft Incubator

YES!Delft Incubator Last week Monday May 16th I visited the network event of YES Delft. The location was a very nice building in Delft. YES! Delft is an initiative of TU Delft. From Amsterdam I travelled with the train to Delft. In Delft I was surprised to see that the public transportation is very poor. Busses drive twice per hour. After 7:00 PM there are no busses.