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About Me


about me


My Roots

Born in April 1975 in a small village in Konya, Turkey. I spent my childhood in the Kinker neighborhood, where I've gone through my primary and secondary school. I have finished Industrial Engineering at University of Amsterdam. My roots are deeply anchored in the Amsterdam ground and, despite many other places such as Istanbul, I have lived happy, Amsterdam is “my neighboorhood”.

In all things a person can find important in life is for me number one my two children (family) and my friends.  Not a great career or making lot of money is my personal drive, but giving my children the love and attention they need. To see that they are happy and successful at school, sports and live gives me the motivation I need. I believe that there must be a

“healthy” balance in things you are doing. Focus in the things that are really important. Succes comes naturally.

Who do good, will meet good!


Musa Gocmenoglu

Musa Gocmenoglu

Musa Gocmenoglu is more than 10 years active in the financial and IT industries. Besides many business and product knowledge he also has a vast knowledge of front to back systems. In recent years he is specialized in online brokerage and investment management.

Website: www.musagocmenoglu.com