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YES!Delft Incubator


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YES!Delft Incubator

YES!Delft Incubator Last week Monday May 16th I visited the network event of YES Delft. The location was a very nice building in Delft. YES! Delft is an initiative of TU Delft. From Amsterdam I travelled with the train to Delft. In Delft I was surprised to see that the public transportation is very poor. Busses drive twice per hour. After 7:00 PM there are no busses.


There must be a good reason and explanation for this. Arrived at the YES Delft building I saw a very well organized network event. Using the latest beamer technology it was a pleasant experience. I arrived at 2:30 p.m. and stayed until to 7:00 p.m. The event started as usual with standard speeches.

The building was the new location “the Incubator building” of YES Delft was official opening by Minister Maxime Verhagen. It was nice to see the starters of YES Delft in the Spotlight. Some students were as expected very nervous, but all of the preformed very well. These kinds of initiatives give the students opportunities to become an entrepreneur. This is a join effort of the (local) government, universities or the companies. Only with a join effort this “incubator building” project can become a success. It was possible to Twitter your questions. Unfortunately, my questions were not asked to speechers.

Maybe the questions were to “honest”. Minister Maxime Verhagen said in his speech that he wants to invest in innovation and entrepreneurship. I asked if he can put the corporation tax for startups located at the techno parks for the first 3 years on nil. This is now in Turkey one of the incentive packages. Maybe I had to tweet how good this government is performing….

At 5:00 p.m. the Entrepreneurs Street started. The new entrepreneurs had the opportunity to promote their product and service. I spoke some innovative companies. With Cannibal Game Studios there was a “good click”. We are going to meet again and see if there is cooperation possible.

I want to thank everyone who contributed and made this network event a success. look forward to participating again next year Some general information about YES Delft YES! Delft entrepreneurial enterprise technical center and propagates in all its phases supports.

YES! Delft inspires students, professionals and scientists to entrepreneurship and provides practical support for the creation and development of your business. Read about the inspiring activities and YES! Delft also can support your business so it can become a world class company!

Main goals of YES Delft are:

• Inspiring activities

• Writing a Business Plan - Ready to Startup!

• The YES!Delft Incubation Centre offers accomodation, coaching, education, a large network and a pre-seedloan for high-tech startups.

• The Growth Centre

Musa Gocmenoglu

Musa Gocmenoglu

Musa Gocmenoglu is more than 10 years active in the financial and IT industries. Besides many business and product knowledge he also has a vast knowledge of front to back systems. In recent years he is specialized in online brokerage and investment management.

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